Tennessee Living History Curriculum

I am not a native Tennessean but always felt drawn to the state even when I was a kid growing up in Michigan.  My grandma loved watching Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry and was a huge Minnie Pearl fan!  My first trip to the state was in 1992 to East Tennessee and over several other trips I landed in the state for good at 17 years old in 1997 and moved to the Nashville area in 2002.  I feel very blessed to have landed here after graduating college and I LOVE raising my kids in this part of the state.  As my son approaches 4th grade I want to plan a trip to the capitol building like most 4th graders in the state and spend some time during our first term of school focusing on what makes our state great!  I've been collecting living book recommendations and found two books that were written in both the early 1800s and early 1900s.  We will rely on these spines for most of the history of the state but will also refer to some readings and activities following the important events of the late 20th century and 21st century.

To use this resource, I have included links below to the material I have drawn from for the lessons.  To begin this study, download my weekly guide.  Within the guide you will find a schedule of lessons that can guide you through learning about the history of our state.  If you are unfamiliar with Charlotte Mason lessons I suggest reading material at Afterthoughts Blog or a Delectable Education!  It is a method, not a system so I am not detailing lesson plans of objectives, tests, questions, etc. that you might find in a typical school textbook.  The guidelines for using these resources are to put the information in your child's hands (or read the information to them) and allow them to narrate back to you (or if your child is Form 2 or above, have them complete information in a timeline book or commonplace book and give some written narrations.)

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope this resource is a blessing to you!

Tennessee History for Kids
Tennessee Blue Book (state history and information about legislation)
Tennessee General Assembly 

*May 2020 update*
We finished a wonderful year using resources above! I have nothing but high reviews when it comes to the writing of Bill Carey and the Tennessee History for Kids booklets!

Some further resource recommendations:
Tennessee Place Names by Larry Miller. A great reference to look up information about the names of counties and cities within the state.
Tennessee by Linda Dykeman
Landmarks of Tennessee and More Landmarks of Tennessee by Alderson and McBride


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