Term 2 Composer - Purcell

Although Baroque is not my favorite musical time period, I am really glad that we are revisiting the genre to study the music of Purcell!  One of the most famous musical "learning" pieces for kids is the Benjamin Brittan "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra."  This collection of music guides children through all the instrument families and is based on the theme of "Rondeau from Abdelezer" by Purcell!

If you are following the Ambleside Online schedule you will notice most of the pieces are for voice.  I do want to add a few instrumental pieces in with our composer studies to allow for some variation, but you may want to follow the program as listed on the AO website.  I believe that the CD they link is all vocal music.  And that is really what Purcell is known for - he is known as a "word painter" in his vocal music and was ahead of his time harmonically speaking in many pieces.  Without a knowledge of background in each piece suggested on the AO website you might wish for a little more variance in sound which is why I have linked several instrumental pieces below.

For some mother culture and something interesting for older children, you may enjoy watching this BBC special on Purcell and British composers.  I really enjoyed watching this episode and learning more about the history behind Purcell's music - especially when it came to the conflict of the church during this time as well as the invasion of William of Orange to take over the throne.

If you would like to select pieces on your own, I suggest watching this video and looking up the songs used within the documentary like Dido and Aeneas, the funeral music for Queen Mary, and some of the organ music by Purcell.  There is a fascinating section on the production of organs during Purcell's time as well as "Restoration Theater" and how it brought a new trend of special effects to the entertainment of the day!

Here is our schedule for this term!

Week 1-2
Rondeau from Abdelazer
We will study the biography of Henry Purcell from information at https://kids.kiddle.co/Henry_Purcell and listen first to the Rondeau theme.  Throughout the week my kids will also listen to Benjamin Britten's YPG and complete activities found here and at http://listeningadventures.carnegiehall.org/

Week 3-4
Air from The Married Beau.

Weeks 5-6
Music from Dido and Aeneas
Dido's Lament

Sailor's Dance

Weeks 9-10
Te Deum and Jubilate Deo

Weeks 7-8
March - Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

Weeks 11-12
The Fairy Queen


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