2018/2019 Artist

I am in my preparation stage and love sharing materials that help make homeschooling easier for my friends!  To keep things in a quick and easily accessible place, visit the links below to download and print your picture study cards for each Term.  We follow the Ambleside Online artist schedule for our home and co-op.  I'm also including links to helpful websites for each artist!

It's the year of the Johns! (There's got to be a joke in there....LOL!)  While looking for some easy biography and historical resources for each artist, I did find that I really like how this website is organized: https://www.artble.com/

Each artist is represented within the website and most of their important works are listed with critiques and explanations of important features.

If you need more information about how a Charlotte Mason artist study is implemented in your homeschool, I found this article very detailed!

And if you are not able to print for free at home, I found that the prices at The Homeschool Printing Company are VERY reasonable and will save you money if you can plan ahead for the shipping time.  You can upload your documents and order here!
(You can even choose cardstock and lamination to allow your picture study cards to last longer!)


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