Spring Hill Driving Tour

I'm super excited to share this project I just finished! A little bit of background on why I wanted to make a driving tour:
When I first came to Spring Hill I enjoyed the driving tour created by the city that you can pick up at the gift shop in Rippavilla. The historical markers listed on the driving tour have always been a magnet to me! I even visited the Saturn visitor center and museum when it was still open! I don't even think it exists anymore. :( 
Unfortunately, Rippavilla is currently closed due to COVID19. But, you can still participate in this driving tour to have a kind of fresh take on the history that's always been here. Maybe you already are aware of the history of the Civil War within Spring Hill, or maybe you have recently moved here and would like to know more!? This 25 minute audio + drive time + getting out of your car and exploring should take around 1.5-2 hours of your time.
Since my own children are elementary age, I wanted to find a way to get them excited about the history of their town. Although I was not born and raised here, my children are born and raised Tennesseans and I want them to know about the history of their city that they've lived in all their life (so far!)

I taught a Tennessee history class last year to my 4th grader and his friends and I love sharing my passion with others! If you homeschool, I encourage you to visit the resource links at the bottom of this post!

Download the map link:
Download the audio only link:

Historical markers link: 

YouTube link:

All you need to do a little history field trip is your car, the map link above, and the audio! I would be honored if you take this trip with your family and learn about the history of Spring Hill, TN. I obviously did not go into great detail on all the workings of the battle or other city history. This is kind of a bare bones outline and I hope it whets your appetite to do more learning! I love writing blogs because I can share some of my favorite resources with you that might lead you down some interesting rabbit trails as you learn more about the history of TN!
If you take this tour and have more questions about TN history, I wrote a free curriculum on my blog post here:


I loved teaching this class to some students last year. In addition to the wonderful reading we did, we also took several field trips. Due to the current shut down, most buildings are closed but you can still visit state parks and read historical marker signs! Finding the markers is almost like a scavenger hunt to me! I love exploring the Historical Marker database linked at the top and looking for other markers around the areas I visit.

The http://www.tnhistoryforkids.org/ website is an absolute gold mine for families. Bill Carey is a Tennessee jewel. I'm so thankful for all his writings and work to spread his passion for TN history with students!

If you have any questions about the driving tour or TN history, feel free to message me! I'm always still learning so if I don't have the answer I'll do my best to try to point you in the right direction!!!



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