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We are going to make it a priority to travel once a year and take the kids exploring to different parts of the country/region!  So far for school we have done a trip to Kentucky for the Creation Museum/Ark (Sept 2016), and to Florida to enjoy the ocean (October 2017!)  We've also traveled to visit family in Idaho (2016) where we did school activities like become Jr. Rangers at a National Park and visit places like a fish hatchery!  We also had a blast learning and visiting family in Michigan especially after reading Paddle to the Sea in 1st grade (2017!)

This week we took a few days to drive down to Atlanta and enjoy the perks of homeschool schedule flexibility!  Here are the main three events for our long weekend!

Legoland Discovery Center

This was the best place to start after a 5 hour drive!  The kids had a blast running out all their pent up energy and creating fun Lego creations and learning a little about how they're made!  We went to Legoland in Florida 2 years ago and I actually like this location better than the theme park because it's not so spread out and it seems to be more interactive for the kids.  The theme park in Florida had shows and big rides, but this location focused more on creating.  The race car activity center was the most popular for my kids.  The loved testing out different designs! 
The two rides were fun - definitely for the 5-9 year old ages.  I think any older than 9 and the kids might get bored. Tickets were around $12.50 per person when I purchased ahead of time online.  There may even be coupons out there to give you a better discount.

Georgia Aquarium

One of my piano student families told me about the aquarium and I am so glad we planned an all day event here!  We arrived at 11am and didn't leave until 7:30pm!!!  The day time was pretty crowded but the location of the aquarium right next to the Coca-Cola museum and a park was a great escape when the crowds got to be too much to handle inside the aquarium!  I love how it is designed as a hub with all the exhibits shooting off into different wings of the building.  We explored every inch of the place and went to each of the shows offered throughout the day.  I was most impressed with the dolphin show!  So much planning and preparation went into this top notch exhibit and performance!  I was blown away! Even Christian was inspired and talked about growing up to be a dolphin trainer!!!  My heart was so proud to see him so inspired! 

The same happened after we saw the sea lion performance!  I know we will go back to visit this aquarium again in the next several years!  It's not to be missed especially if you're studying ocean animals!  This was the priciest event of our weekend but SO WORTH IT! 

You can find all the different ways to save on their website and coupons online.  For our family of four it worked out to be around $32 per adult and $28 per kid.  If you have kids under 5 check out the Mommy and Me pricing!

Center for Puppetry Arts

This was the main reason I wanted to take a trip to Atlanta!  I have always loved the Muppets and puppetry. We go to every Wishing Chair production at the Nashville Library and the creator of many of the Nashville puppet shows recommended that we visit the Atlanta center!  The kids had a blast at the performance Rain Forest and we enjoyed seeing puppets from around the world as well as the Jim Henson collection!

 The price was pretty steep and I don't know if I would recommend the trip at full price unless you just really loved puppets and wanted to support the center (about $20 per person)!  If we lived locally I would totally buy a membership!  The puppet workshop after the performance was a lot of fun and it's a great activity to get the kids working and thinking creatively through play!

We were able to find a great AirBnb outside of Atlanta and highly recommend Jason and Melisa's log cabin in Snellville for your overnight stay in the area!  If we had more time we would have explored Norris Lake and Stone Mountain!  We'll have to take a trip again soon!


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