Composer Activities for Term 1

We follow the Ambleside Online rotation for composers and in Term 1 we split between Telemann and Corelli.  Here's an example of what we will do each week

Week 1 - Listen to the Classics for Kids episode about Telemann (play Youtube/Prime stations in the background while building Legos, etc. through the week.)

Week 2 - Play the Alster Suite Overture and draw pictures of frogs!

Week 3 - Play Concerto for Traverso and Recorder.  Get out my recorder collection and have the kids play!

Week 4 - Play Gigue from Suite in D

Week 5 - Play Classics for Kids The Gigue is Up - watch some Gigue dances on Youtube!

Week 6 - Play Telemann Water Music Overture

Week 7 - Play Classics for Kids About Baroque

Week 8 - Play Corelli Sarabande/Gigue/Badinerie

Week 9 - Play Corelli Concerto Grosso in G minor

Week 10 - Play Corelli Concerto in D Major

Week 11 - Play Corelli La Folia Sonata 

Week 12 -  Review - maybe check out a book from the library about Baroque music!  There will be a concert by Music City Baroque on October 22nd in Nashville!  Check out their page here!


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