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Music and Art Classes

Thank you for your interest in group music and art classes. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and I'm hopeful that through small group tutorials like this, children will grow and cultivate relationships in person even during the trying times that our country's pandemic has caused.
The state mandate is that students under 12 are not required to wear face masks. As a teacher, I will also not be wearing a face mask but will encourage hand washing, cleanliness, and good hygiene during all our classes. Parents will be required to sign a waiver for our home insurance purposes.
Classes will be filled first come-first served. Please look over the highlights of each class and you can register directly from this form. If you have siblings that you would like in both classes, please register each separately and make a note on the form for the class you would like them to attend together.
(Students that are in grades K-2 will not be able to attend a 3-5 class with a sibling, but a 3…

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