Term 2 Hymn and Folk

My daughter blessed me while we were driving in the car this week.  She said "Mommy, can we keep this CD in the car forever and ever?"  She was remarking about the current Term 1 CD that we have been studying the past few months.  I love that they have developed a relationship with these songs and it just goes to show me what a testament it is that exposure to quality music can leave a mark on the soul!  I assured her that we will always have the CD to come back to, but soon we'll have a new CD to listen to and new songs to learn!  Here are the current Term 2 songs we will be studying for folk and hymn:


Hymn - Amazing Grace
I fell in love with Peter Hollens' gift a few years ago when we listened to his version of Loch Lomond!

Folk - The Minstrel Boy
There are various arrangements of this song but when I saw a recording by The Clancy Brothers I had to choose this recording for our listening enjoyment!  I think it's important for the kids to listen to authentic voices and not just pretty studio singers when they learn folk songs!  I think we used one of the Clancy Brothers for another folk song a few years ago - I'll have to go back in my records to see!  You can read about the folk song history here.


Hymn - All My Hope on God is Founded
Traditional arrangements of hymns are always good to listen to and become familiar with the harmony parts!  I chose this recording because one of my favorite choral arrangers, John Rutter, had his writing hand in it!

Folk - You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley
You can read about Woody Guthrie who is attributed to writing this folk song down after learning it through the oral/aural tradition.  (Pete Seeger recorded it and you can read the liner notes here.) I love Pete Seeger but I chose this recording since it is closer to the original heritage of the song.


Hymn- Crown Him With Many Crowns

Folk - Leatherwing Bat
Here is a great document to read more about the history of the folk song!


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