Shakespeare for Stuffies

I feel like I've done some moderately intensive Google searching and haven't found exactly what I wanted with some extensions of our Shakespeare studies so I went ahead and made up what I have envisioned!!!  Now, if you are a Charlotte Mason educator.... this DOES NOT replace the narration that should come first after reading a story from Shakespeare.  BUT - it can be something fun for you and your kids to do after the story is read and narrations are given!!!

I call it......

Shakespeare for Stuffies!

One of our favorite narration tools is using our stuffed animals to retell the story.  In this script I created the stuffed animals all have their own lines to say but they can easily be repeated after you (the narrator) read and perform it for them!  The goal is to have fun and maybe you can even set up a little puppet theater to retell this famous Shakespeare play!  My son had fun retelling it in our living room as I practiced the script with him!  I plan to make some up for each of the plays we learn.  I think this extra little activity is really fun and creates enjoyable memories!

Here it is!  Feel free to leave any feedback!  I'll definitely keep this script free and the rest of the plays I create will be up on Teachers Pay Teachers!  I'll update this blog post with the link whenever they are finished!




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