Volume 1 Study (pg 20-37)

I hope you enjoyed reading through the first 20 pages of Volume 1!  Did the language get to you?  I remember having to re-read the first section several times to feel like I understood the language!  Who knew you would need to have a translation from English to English! LOL!  For those of you not ready for the old style of this book you can read it in modern English here!

If you missed some of the study questions for pages 1-20 Click here!

On to pages 20-37!  This section feels dated in some places to me.  I know that there are scientific reasons that continue to support her theories but our way of life has also influenced some of the daily tasks that were necessary back in the early 1900's.  I hope you can appreciate and receive what is offered in this section and I would love to hear your thoughts!


Readings from Volume 1, pages 20-37

pages 20-22
What is the importance of the physical activity of the body in relation to the brain?

page 23
What do you feel about the timetable given for meals/exercise/bookwork?  Do you find that you have a schedule that works best to make the most of your child's energy?

pages 24
RIGHT SIZED LESSONS!  I've heard this term in many CM communities and this is the first reference to that in Vol. 1.  Have you noticed your child drift off after sitting or working on one subject for too long?  How did you remedy the problem?

pages 24-28
What sort of nutrition advice do you feel is important?  I think it would be really fun to see someone develop a menu plan for their children along the guidelines of these pages!

pages 28-32
I would love to know what current scientific findings have been published on the importance of the oxygenation of the blood!  If we take away anything from these pages it is the importance of being outside with our children!  Regarding the home section on air I feel that our current way of life changes some of these instructions.  Many of us live in homes with centralized air instead of relying on fireplaces to keep our homes warm that take away and burn the oxygen.  But we should still hold to the same idea that our homes are a shelter but they should not be a substitute for our time out of doors.

pages 32-37
What are your thoughts concerning the issues of night air, sun, perspiration, and burns?  I love the suggestions for proper clothing and do feel that proper material is beneficial to the health of our children!  What are your thoughts?

For more thoughts on this topic, read Chapter 8 in the free book "A Thinking Love" found here:


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