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My journey into reading the Charlotte Mason volumes began the summer of 2015 as my oldest started kindergarten!  My mom homeschooled me and my brothers and ordered the original CM set from Mary Pride in the late 1980s!  Like mother like daughter, the philosophy of Charlotte Mason really spoke to my heart and I was excited to begin a second generation homeschool tradition!  We are incredibly blessed to have a large number of local moms interested in reading the volumes together and since there is no study guide online to Volume 1 (that I've been able to find!) I am putting this series together on my blog as I help facilitate a group of new homeschool moms in their personal education into the Charlotte Mason method!  I hope it can be a valuable resource to you!


Readings from Volume 1, pages 1-20

Part I - pages 1-6   

What does it mean that children are a “public trust?” 
What kind of preparation do you feel is important when you begin the journey of parenthood and educating your children? 

pages 6-10 

What does “method vs. system” look like to you?  

pages 11-13  

The command given in the Gospel to “offend not, despise not, hinder not” tells us what we shouldn’t do to children but it also guides us to think about how we should treat them. Give an example from your childhood where you felt an adult (parent/teacher) either followed through with these commands or failed to do so. 

pages 13-17  

As I read I thought of the phrase “do what I say, not what I do!” Are we living an example to our children that we want them to imitate? 
I can’t even relate to page 17 because my love for both my children is 100%! I am blessed that I also felt that way when I was a child and my parents were very loving to my brothers and I. However, I know people who were effected by their parents obvious favoritism to siblings. What are your thoughts? 

pages 17-20  

What’s the difference between despise and offend? 
Are you setting an example to your children in their spiritual growth?

In addition to these questions from the Volume, here are some great supplemental readings! 


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