Bible and Poetry Recitation 2020-2021

As I was looking for poetry to choose for our 2020-2021 school year, I stumbled upon the MENSA for kids website! There are some very helpful resources including poetry lists and I decided to select some of them for our poetry this year! Check out MENSA for kids!

For our scripture recitation we will be doing more with our catechism. I selected the passages that we will be focusing on out of my copy of Luther's Small Catechism (edited by C. Gausewitz.) I also really like the resource on New City Catechism and will have my son work through the web app on his own at times. Check it out here!

I've made my poetry and scripture menu handouts available if anyone would like to print and use!

Thanks for checking out this post! I might do another Morning Basket Menu post next month with a video of how I put all these printed pages in a menu! I love having these options in one place so I can grab the menus and work on recitation, singing, artist study while out and about at the park, in the car, and at home at the table!


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