Nashville Symphony YPC - February

Oh my gosh! As I'm planning for this next performance I am blown away at how awesome this performance will be!


The symphony sent out a zip file in December with all the lessons. (Search your e-mail for "The Conductor’s Spellbook" For copyright purposes I will not share the files here on the blog. (They are also not listed on the Nashville Symphony website and direct you to your email.) The artwork is just gorgeous and I can't wait to print them off and keep them for reference in music lessons!

The main idea is to be familiar with the 4 families of instruments in the orchestra (strings, brass, woodwind, percussion.) Understanding how each family makes a sound (vibration) and how to conduct the steady beat are introduced in the preparatory lessons. The final objective of the lesson plan is to understand concert etiquette for the visit to the symphony!

These are wonderful topics to become familiar before the concert. The actual story will be presented to the children in the concert! The music is not programmed like many other YPC concerts. The symphony will be playing the songs composed by Paul Dooley.

Here is an example of the program.
The Conductor's Spellbook - Featurette from BES Films on Vimeo.

For supplemental teaching, here are some resources:
Families of the Orchestra:

Science of Sound:

Conducting Patterns:
*LANGUAGE* (There is a bleeped part of the video)

Concert Etiquette:

Super cute video just for fun

Enjoy the Nashville YPC!!! 


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