(New) Folk song - Three Little Owls

While looking for some owl folk songs to sing with my music and nature group, I fell in love with this old song! I first read about it on Mama Lisa's website here. After transcribing it myself from the YouTube video, I found the wonderful Danny Rosevar had already transcribed and recorded it for all of us here! She has an amazing folk song channel and is such a generous person! I encourage you to follow her videos!

In the mean time, you can click my sheet music to download and use if you prefer!  I've included the solfa at the top of the melody!

Other owl songs:
Wise Old Owl (echo song)

One of these days
I look up and see
A wise old owl
Sittin in a tree

He'll look at you
And he'll look at me
Those two big eyes
They don't scare me

One of these nights
When raindrops fall
He'll give a hoot
He'll give a call


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