Memory Techniques

One thing I love about homeschooling is that there are various ways to teach and present information to your children! As we've been following the Charlotte Mason methods and principles in education, we have found so much beauty in seeing that each child is unique in their own born person! I feel that this CM principle can also be applied to Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence. Some kids may do really well with one style of learning, and others may thrive with another! But one thing is true - there is a divine law of education in "applied wisdom" through a principle based education!

One technique I found successful with my son was this idea of "memory palaces." (Also called Mind Palace or Roman Room.) My mom used this technique with us through a book by Jerry Lucas called "Ready-Set-Remember." It is a fascinating book and Jerry Lucas has done some amazing research in in brain physiology to show that picture association and visual learning is effective for many students! When I found the book to use with my own kids I wasn't quite sure that it was totally Charlotte Mason approved. I can see how there could be ways of approaching this method that don't line up with the 20 principles, but I also know that Charlotte Mason had some positive things to say about the effectiveness of memory palace techniques. I would love to know if there are any parent review articles on this subject or later writings to support what she may have thought.  All I know right now, is that in Volume 1 pages 154-159 she does reference this method and references a scholarly article about memory palace and mnemonics. (To read more about this, read page 173-185 of the Westminster Review here)

I made a vlog post in three parts about the system we are using and would love to share my thoughts with you!  Watch and subscribe and tell me your thoughts or questions! I would love to know if you have found any similar techniques that work for you!


In this video I explain the 10 numbers and their phonetic association:
1 = /t/ or /d/ - 2 = /n/ - 3 = /m/ - 4 = /r/ - 5 = /l/ - 6 = /sh/, /ch/, or /j/ (and soft g) 7 = /k/ (hard c and hard g) - 8 = /f/ or /v/ - 9 = /b/ or /p/ and 0 = /s/ or /z/ (and soft c)


In this video, I explain the chain of pictures that allow you to memorize the order of the presidents!

States and Capitals

In this video, pictures are drawn to help students associate the name of the state and capital in an amusing picture together. It does help to prepare students before this process by knowing the names of the states first (we love singing "Fifty Nifty United States!)

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions! (Finding this out of print book can be tricky but ebay and Thriftbooks usually have a copy or two!)


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