December Term

As we prepared for December by finishing our Term 1 exams, I decided that we would join many others in a "December Term" for our homeschool!  I've compiled resources that we've enjoyed so far if you also want to plan out a similar schedule for the coming weeks!!!

Literature Stories

I went to the library and borrowed 3 beautiful old anthologies so we have something in print, but there are some great free resources online!  There is a treasure in these old stories and the language used brings warmth and comfort during our modern age of commercialism!
-Little Folks Christmas Stories and Plays
-The Children's Book of Christmas 
-Christmas Stories 
-The Little Big Book of Christmas 

Artist Study

This is a little different because it's not a specific artist, but art prints that were painted by CHILDREN!!!  Edmund Dulac wrote an introduction to the volume that you can read here.  I think the prints are just gorgeous!

Composer Study

We are pausing our Term 2 composer and art to focus on Handel's Messiah.  These podcasts are only about 5-10 minutes long and are SO interesting!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have the first 2 in the series!

Christmas Hymns and Carols

I love this collection because of the background of each song.  I am going to keep my eyes out on finding this in print someday to add to our library!

Winter Nature Study

Poems and winter study can be found on page 118 of this amazing resource!  We plan on continuing our Wild Explorer's Club nature studies but I plan to look through this resource for extra nature study outings!

Also, this is a great handbook for moms and teachers about Christmas and gifts!  I love the advice!
And handicrafts/baking round up an amazing December term!!!  We'll be doing a little embroidery, sewing, and recipe following to add more to the feast! (We are also continuing our math, copywork, and a few of our literary spines that need to be kept on schedule since they are longer books!)


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