Volume 1 Study 169-199

I feel like this is where we get into the real "meat" of some of the Charlotte Mason educational methods!  Although I would emphatically say that HABIT is the foundation of the child's education, the practical suggestions in the following pages will be very informative to read during our study!  Page 169 begins Part 5 of Volume 1.  The beginning section deals primarily with the "Kindergarten" years which is what we will focus on in this post. I have especially enjoyed reading through this section as my daughter finishes "Kindergarten" this year!  I am so glad to have had the rich and wonderful year with nature loving friends!  I hope you catch the "fervour" as your teach your children!

Here are some helpful blog posts to accompany this section of reading!
Simply Charlotte Mason articles on Three Questions to Mothers.  Why?  What?  How?
What is Twaddle?
Rethinking Kindergarten 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when reading these pages:

Pages 169-178
How does the "age of pedagogy" compare to today's education system?
Why should parents be concerned with instruction?
What are the three questions mothers should ask and why is the home the best place for learning?
What is an idea and what is the importance of ideas?
What is the difference between living books and twaddle?

Pages 178-181
Why should the mother be the Kindergarten teacher?
What are some suggestions to cultivate an atmosphere of the home?

Pages 182-199
How does the writings from Tolstoi, Deland, and Froebel influence our view on kindergarten?
How do teachers hinder learning?
How do games play a role in education?
How has the social expectation of same age peers stayed the same through these decades of education?!  What are the benefits of multi-age homes and classrooms?
What can we learn from the education of Helen Keller and her teacher, Miss Sulivan?


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