Classical Music selections for Young Listeners

In many Charlotte Mason resources you can find wonderful examples of listening selections to learn about Classical music and composers! I've narrowed down a rotation of three years with composers and songs that appeal to the younger audiences! This is perfect for your pre-k age kids to grade 3! My kids are 6 and 8 years old and we've been following the Ambleside schedule but I have also been exposing them to some songs that I really don't want them to miss while they are young! I will say that the Ambleside site does have a "Children's Classics" schedule but in my opinion, it has a lot of gaps! I'm hoping by offering my suggestions you'll have so much fun introducing your kids to this wonderful music! I am going to work on a downloadable e-book with activities that will help you guide your child into exploring this wonderful world of music!

Several months ago I also wrote about some children's classics in music and you can see some book recommendations that go along with them!  Read about it here!

Rotation 1

In this rotation, Term 1 is focused on Russian composers of the 19th century.  Term 2 has music composed by both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and his father!  Many people don't realize the beautiful music composed by his father and the two examples listed are perfect for the winter!  Term 3 includes several jazz standards.  I've listed examples, but you may want to introduce one song a week!  I also have a blog post here about jazz.

Rotation 2

Term 1 is all music by J.S. Bach.  Every person should be familiar with his name!  His contributions to the world of classical music live on and on in each generation!  What is so ironic is that when he was alive, he was far from being a household name!  It wasn't until about 100 years after that people realized how wonderful his music was!  Term 2 includes music by a 20th century composer named Leroy Anderson.  When I get time I will type up all my listening suggestions!  You will have so much fun with this one!  Term 3 includes 2 French composers of the 19th century.  The Carnival of the Animals and the Mother Goose Suite will inspire the imagination of your children!

Rotation 3

Term 1 is a great time to talk about the instruments of the orchestra!  Beethoven is one of the most influential composers of classical music!  Term 2 starts with Tchaikovsky - make sure to spend time around the holidays with the music of the Nutcracker!  Term 3 is my personal favorite composer, Aaron Copland!  I would say that his sound embodies the pride and nationality of American music!  From the Wild West sounds, to the folk songs, to multicultural influences on our country and music!  Enjoy!

Again, this is a work in progress!  I hope to update with some Youtube links and some artist suggestions to study alongside the same time period!

-RaeAnna Goss


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