Volume 1 - Pages 72-95

I love this section because there are some wonderful and practical applications to an outdoor education!!  It makes me want to write all of her examples on little cards and put them on a ring binder to keep in my purse and remind myself to ask questions and lead observations while we are outside living our daily lives!  A child has natural curiosity and this is the perfect time to encourage the discoveries of their natural world around them!!!  Enjoy reading!

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Pages 72-78
What does she mean by "small things may suggest great?"
What are some examples that you can teach the position of the sun? Rain/clouds/snow/hail?
What is the first step toward knowledge of direction and distance?
What kind of compass activities can you do?
Using your neighborhood, what are some ways you can teach geography?

Pages 78-80
What exhortation does CM give to us as mothers regarding talk?
What two things does she encourage us to speak to our children while outside?

Pages 80-85
What kinds of games do you remember playing outside?  Are there games you can teach your child similar to the examples given in this section?
What does CM say about climbing and "helicopter parenting?" LOL
What are your thoughts about the clothing mentioned in this section?

Pages 85-88
What kind of hesitations do you have about weather in your area?  How do you accommodate for the extreme temperatures?
What ideas do you have for a busy mother to make sure clothing and essentials are easily accessible during outside time?

Pages 88-92
Scouting is a great resource for outdoor learning.  Are there any scouting or groups that you have in your area?  See the resources below for additional ideas!

Pages 92-95
What are the scientific benefits of outdoor air and sun on the body?

Outdoor clubs and organizations are a great way to get your kids comfortable with nature!  Look at your local parks for meetings and classes and also check out these organizations!

American Heritage Girls
Trail Life


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