Year 1 Term 3 (weeks 25-36)

Well, we did it!  I really can't believe we did it!!!  There are a few things left unchecked on our spreadsheet and I am going to try to work them into some summer activities - maybe burn some of the stories on a CD to listen to in a car - but I am very happy with the final product of a year with Ambleside Online!

Let's update the last 6 weeks:
We scrambled some of the weeks because week 26 was when we had the beginning of Easter season.  I also wish I had seen that Patrick was the saint taught in Trials and Triumph during Term 3 and would have placed that into Term 2 when we celebrated St. Patrick's Day!  TT is one book that I let slide for this semester.  We will dive back into it for Year 2 and I will review Patrick next year during the feast!

I was a little sad to move away from 50 Famous Stories this term!  BUT - Viking Tales has been a favorite of Christian's!   He really connected with young Harald and loved all the battles.  We were able to make two connections in real life with the stories around the same time that we were reading them!  First, the making of "Foe's Fear" was read around the time we visited a museum that had a blacksmith station!  And the second was when we went to the Renaissance Festival and saw people dressed up in their viking outfits drinking beer out of their "mead horns!"
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Our Island Story is his favorite book and the stories are really starting to stick!  I asked him a question about Alfred while we were at the Ren Fest and he remembered a lot from our readings and entertained the people standing around us!  He still talks about Alfred zoning out and letting the cakes burn!

Natural History
We had a bit of science in our backyard this spring!  Every year the chickadees lay their eggs in the bird house and we had fun checking out the babies!

Of course that week we read the Chickadee chapter in Burgess Bird!  We also read about the Canada Goose after being accosted by one at the zoo while we ate lunch outside!  Christian thought they were hilarious!
Paddle to the Sea was such an awesome book and I'm sad we're not reading it anymore!  We traced a map and labeled the stops on our own copy to recap the story.  I'm looking forward to the other Holling books next year!

Aesop has been wonderful and I'm sad we still have a lot of unread fables in the book.  We may start reading through the unread stories at bedtime!
Parables of Nature is another book I kind of let slide.  We have two unread stories that we may try to catch up on next year.  But, like Trials and Triumph, we will be continuing this book next year.
Blue Fairy has always been hit or miss for me, but the three stories this term were the best!!! Christian LOVED 40 Thieves and White Cat! Although they are long, I definitely prefer them over Beauty and the Beast and Master Maid.
Shakespeare is another wonderful subject for us!  We revisited Tempest since our library put on a puppet show of the play!
I just love these shows!  They are soooo well done and the kids love them!  We did not go over King Lear or Twelfth Night.  I may try to sneak those in next year as well.

Nature Study
We have done TONS of wonderful nature trips this term!  We visited Forest Gully Farms, the Agricultural Center and museum, the Tennessee Aquarium, the Dyer Observatory, went strawberry picking, Zoo Homeschool Days, and lots of outside playtime with the gorgeous weather!!!  I just love where we live!

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Our riches have been so much fun to cover through activities at home and at co-op!

 And another great accomplishment is that Christian participated with several of my other piano students in his first Piano Guild audition!  I am so proud that he has finished his first piano book and is making musical connections like crazy!
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I'm so thankful for this amazing year with my kids and pray that next year will be filled with as much meaningful learning and opportunities!  Happy summer!!!

Such a fun field trip day! 🐠🐟🐡🐢🐧🐙🐸

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  1. Reanna, I love reading your posts! Especially since we are doing the same years :) You do a great job tying field trips in with the lessons!

    1. Thank you! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful field trip opportunities in our area! It's been a lot of fun this year!


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