Forest Gully Farms Getaway

I don't always have the best ideas, but I have to rank the idea of going to a farm getaway with some friends to unplug and unwind has to be one of the best ideas ever!!!  A few months ago I posted in one of our homeschooling groups to see if we could get 5-6 moms to stay the night away in some Hobbit Houses! 

(photo by Kim) 
That's right!  Little Hobbit style huts are built into this beautiful Tennessee farmland!  The farm is called Forest Gully Farms and they are part of a "Glamping" trend.  (Camping in glam style!)  When I saw the pictures I knew it would be perfect for a little mini-retreat!

 They have 4 huts - 2 are sleeping huts and 1 is a kitchen with a full refrigerator, microwave, hotplate, coffee machine, toaster oven, dishes, and table and chairs!  The other hut is a playhouse hut for little kids!
(photo by Kim)
They even have baskets to take up to the chicken coop to gather your own eggs for breakfast!

(And of course a hobbit pipe for decoration!!!  Along with copies of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy to read while you relax!)

 My friend Wendy planned out the menu for us and we each brought something to share for our meals and snacks!  I'm so so so so glad that my friend Kim is a fire guru!  She was awesome at firing up the grill and the fire pit! 


We didn't have an agenda for the getaway, it was a gift that we all gave to ourselves for getting close to the end of the school year with our kids!  Most of us have just a few weeks or less left to finish the year! WOO HOO!!!!  I made little gift bags for everyone with a monogrammed wine glass.  Cheers!!!

(photo by Kim)

Besides the adorable chickens, gardens, and Hobbit Huts, the property has an amazing hiking trail along a river with several places to stop and enjoy a water fall.

(photo by Kim)

The part of the trip that I was looking forward to most was to sit by the water and have some devotion and reading time.  I wanted this trip to be nourishing to my soul and have some inward reflection.  I'm so thankful for the women that surround me in our homeschool journey.  Kim has often talked about Sally Clarkson and I asked if I could borrow a book this weekend and the first chapter that I've read was so refreshing.

"How thankful I am that God showed me his path so that I can relax in each stage of childhood and find joy in my moments with my sweet ones, knowing that in my acceptance of his call, my children can rest in the peace and security of my commitment to them."

I know that this book will be a comfort to me as I continue to walk the journey of motherhood.  I absolutely love every moment that I have with my kids and the opportunities we have to learn, love, and live life together!  I pray that God will reach their hearts and bring peace to mine as I seek Him for wisdom and guidance!


And what a blessing to be surrounded by other like minded moms who will uplift and encourage along this motherhood journey!  

We had a blast talking around the campfire and we even did a little 2017-2018 school year planning for our folk songs and we sang the Ambleside Online Term 1 folk songs together!

(photo by Kim)
(photo by Kim)

As it got darker it was even more magical with fireflies lighting up the sky and forest!

(photo by Kim)

  I highly recommend checking out Forest Gully Farms for a time just to get away from the business of life and take time to reflect while hiking through the forest!


This was such a sweet view while coming back to the campsite from the hiking trails.  I loved seeing the kitchen hut coming into view!

The owners are so creative with all of their decor and garden design.  You could even book a farm tour to learn about what they grow and how they have planned this self sustaining land!

I really hope that this may be an annual trip with friends each year! Before we make it back for another mini mom retreat my kids have already asked that we come and stay as a family!  Day farm tours, mom mini retreats, or family overnight adventures.....Forest Gully Farms definitely has you covered!  Here's their website!!! Forest Gully Farms


  1. Love love love love this. So beautiful. so honored to have been a part of your sweet time. So glad you all have each other. Blessings and blessings of grace to you all.

    1. Thank you! I look forward to reading more! <3


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