Year 1 Term 3 - week 30 update

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Our Term 3 is going to take a loooooong time because Spring is here and the weather is WONDERFUL!  I love these early years because of how much importance is placed on being out in nature. It's sad to me that there is only 6 more weeks of lessons to the school year and my babies will be in 2nd grade and Kindergarten soon!  While we were out in the garden I asked Christian to recreate a garden picture I had taken when he was about 20 months.  Why do kids grow so fast?!
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History Tales

This is the first term that Viking Tales is introduced and Christian has really been enjoying the stories.  It is the perfect year to introduce Harald because the stories we have read so far are taking place when he is 7-8 years old. Just like Christian!  We have had 3 Island Story chapters this term so far and it has been interesting to Christian to see where the Vikings and the British were geographically on the map and how in each book the characters are the bad guys in one and good guys in the other!

Buffalo Bill is also a fast favorite!  We just read the chapter on how Bill went out East for the Civil War and how the Pony Express was replaced by the telegraph poles.  That led to a HUGE interest in learning Morse Code!  We printed off a Morse Code alphabet and Christian did "copywork" by writing words in Morse Code.

Natural History

Paddle to the Sea has been moving fast through the Great Lakes.  It seemed for a long time this year we focused mainly on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  Over the past few weeks we moved quickly through Huron, Erie, and Ontario.  It was fun to look up the rapids that happen after Niagra Falls on a video from YouTube.  I think that is going on our bucket list to ride someday!

Burgess Bird is such a classic and it has been fun to look up birds that we are interested in at the time.  Last week we read about the Canada Goose because we have several at the zoo that like to try to steal your food!  They are so tame - not like the geese in the story!

Oscar the Cat from James Herriot was a story that Christian practiced reading on his own and narrating.  We spread it out for about 3 days.  The first day he read 5 pages by himself and narrated.  The next two days I read the rest of the story.  I love that the pictures in the book help narration along for kids that are still learning the art of narration. 

One of the field trips we took this term was to the Tennessee Agricultural Museum where we could see farm machinery from the past as well as other relics from the early 1900s.  The highlight for them was visiting the horses.  The Metro Police keep their mounted police horses at the facility and we were able to learn about the horses and give them some love!


We've read lots of Aesop, the Alphabet and Crab from Just So Stories, and 40 Thieves from Blue Fairy.  I think this is the favorite Blue Fairy story of the year.  Christian really got into it when they talked about quartering the man.  He made the connection and shouted out "Wait!!!  They cut him into four pieces???!"  It's just like a boy to make those connections when violence may be involved!

We haven't read Parables of Nature yet this term.  I need to make sure we have some dedicated school days in a row to read the story.  They are long and I love them but I've noticed it is definitely hard for him to follow without me helping.

For Shakespeare, we will be revisiting the Tempest when we go to the Nashville Puppet Show to see it in person!  I am so thankful for those opportunities!


I love this little video of Eva Mae!  She has come so far with her school work and I had to take this video to document her little way of counting!

Christian is in the blue book of Miquon and it is a blessing that the concepts are still very easy for him to understand and apply.  He is doing great!  We plan to work through the summer to finish the blue book.

Nature Study

We will be going to the Tennessee Aquarium soon for our nature study on fish!  It's going to be so much fun!  Right now, we're focusing on reading about different fish from the Smithsonian book "Hello, Fish" and "Fish Do the Strangest Things."  I made an art sketchbook for Christian to draw the fish he learns about from the books and we will take it to the Aquarium to see if we can find any of those fish in person.

  A Little Extra

  Here are a few other updates from this term that relate to our school work!  I am so proud of my kids!

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