Paper Sloyd

 The past few months I've slowly been putting together a project for Year 0 - Year 1 age kids that may be following a Charlotte Mason home education!  I LOOOOVE crafts and teaching my kids some handicrafts as part of their education has been a delight!  We did a little bit of sewing last year (by hand) and a loom project, and now we're working through some projects with paper.  Paper Sloyd is the term for working with measuring, folding, cutting, and shaping paper into practical projects!  I put together 6 projects in the e-book called "Paper Sloyd DIY" and wanted to share one of the projects with you for free!
 Folding an envelope has never been easier with the step by step pictures and instructions!  A few of my CM friends have worked through the projects with their kids with little hands on help.  Showing the pictures of each step allows the kids to follow the directions easily and successfully!  My son and I made a 6" square template, and folded an envlelope in probably 15 minutes start to finish!  I recorded the process on my phone if you want to watch how easy it was for him!

To download the instruction sheet for the envelope click here!  It will open up a PDF file that you can print or view on your computer or device.  If you have any trouble, you'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader to open. 

The contents of the e-book include 2 measuring activities to introduce units of measurement to your kids and 2 point drafting activities.  My son is 7 and had no trouble creating a 6" square template for the projects and following the instructions for folding, gluing, etc.

There are only two projects that use the cord (envelope and book) and you can help guide them through the process of threading a needle, tying a knot, etc. if they choose to complete those tasks.

 The skill of using a needle and cord is something that we will definitely continue to work on in our house.  It may even lead to embroidery and maybe knot tying as a handicraft later on!  Since the ebook is a handicraft, I've listed it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 

Since making this resource, there have been more advancements in the teaching of sloyd including wonderful videos!!!  Please check out this website for more information!


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