Let Us Sing Together - Folksong


Let Us Sing Together

I am loving the introduction to rounds that my kids are getting this month with the song Let Us Sing Together!  To hear my 4 year old sing the word "together" melts my heart!  I'll have to put a video up soon of the kids singing the song!  It's adorable! Learning a round can be a tricky skill because it relies on your ability to hold a melody while hearing something different!  When I introduce rounds or canons it has helped to put many voices on the beginning group, and then I will come in on the 2nd part a little softer.  The most important thing is to reeeaaallly know the melody before you try to break into parts!  Sing it in unison for several weeks and then have fun trying out your part singing with this beautiful round! For an easy lesson on introducing this song to your students, here is a 10 minute video that you can show and participate with me!  I apologize for any pitch problems! (I'm not a vocalist, but I love to sing and spread the love of music!!!)  If you have any questions about the lesson feel free to ask here or on my Facebook page! To download the sheet music, click here! (*post edit....you may want to add a sharp to the last line...I missed it in my notation!  Also, there are 2 versions with a half step raise in phrase 3.  You may need to correct that in the sheet music if you plan to use it in a class!*)     Once you know the melody well, try singing along!  


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