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Screen Captures17 One of my favorite activities as a classroom music teacher was presenting a "Composer of the Month!"  One of the ways I did that was to play an audio show from Classics for Kids and create a slide presentation to help visualize the information given in the audio.  If you would like to present the information to your kids at home, I have compiled some links for you! Classics for Kids show - Dvorák Google Slide Presentation to show while listening Another activity that I loved was playing a Beethoven's Wig recording of a composer's work!  In this case, Humoresque #7! There is also a great online activity from Carnegie to explore the music of Symphony no. 9 Another extention to Symphony no. 9 is to teach the song "Goin' Home." (from Wikipedia: The theme from the Largo was adapted into the spiritual-like song "Goin' Home", often mistakenly considered a folk song or traditional spiritual, by Dvořák's pupil William Arms Fisher, who wrote the lyrics in 1922.[21][22][23][24])
  • If you only pick 2 songs to focus on teaching your children, I would make sure they are familiar with Humoresque #7 and the 2nd movement from Symphony no. 9 (Largo)
For a YouTube playlist of selected Dvorak songs recommended by Ambleside Online, click here!  


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