Burgess Bird (2)

Fullscreen capture 662016 103224 PM I'm steadily progressing through my planning for Year 1 and so looking forward to reading Christian all the Burgess Bird stories!  All the compiling also makes me wonder how many of these birds we can actually see in Tennessee!  There is a large community of birders in the area and I'm hoping that the nature center we frequent will have some advice on watching for some of these species! CLICK HERE to download the PDF of photos! If you missed my post the other day, I've compiled the coloring sketches for the birds in the Burgess Bird book in this post! Thanks so much!  I hope you enjoy the resource! Also, there are plenty of places on the internet to view the original illustrations of the book, but if you would like to download them for printing I compiled them in this document. CLICK HERE to download!


  1. Do you still have these files uploaded? I can't seem to get these links to work.


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