Postcard Exchange 2020

I've been doing some research into how classrooms and homeschools have done postcard exchanges in the past. It is a big undertaking but I'm hoping that the method I use will work!

For it to be successful, I need my homeschool friends to share with as many people as possible in as many states as possible! You won't have to give any personal information at the beginning. Just fill out the form below with your e-mail and your state. I'll use some filters to go through and match families together in groups.

You will get a second form request from me in e-mail once I match you up with your group. Everyone will share their address in the second form and prepare 49 postcards from their state to send to the rest of the group.

I expect that there will be some uneven groups at the end of this experiment. As a solution, I will reach out to families that may be interested in using this project as a kind of "job" for their children!

For example, if New Hampshire is really hard to match up in several groups, there may be a financial advantage to those families and we can collect donations for extra postcards to be mailed out! The groups will be completed in a first come, first served order.

I'll manage this project from March 2020-August 2020. If you're interested in participating, please fill out the form below (make sure your e-mail address is correct!)

I might not be available to answer all questions in e-mail but you can post in this FB group with questions and community discussion!

Let's have fun with this!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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