Year 1 and 3 Wrap Up

"School's out for summer......" kind of!  We officially wrapped up our Year 3 and Year 1 today after a week of term exams and going over our subjects in the curriculum!  My heart is so full and I'm thankful for two amazing kids that God has blessed and gifted us with!  

 This year we modified our curriculum to fit our lifestyle and library and it worked VERY well!  If you're curious about our curriculum, here is the post to the planning post at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.  A few things were modified throughout the year but the format we used for this booklist and schedule worked very well and we will be continuing the next year using the same idea!

When I think back on the year, a few huge successes stick out to me:
  • Eva Mae is reading!  At the end of this school year, she is reading chapters from our fun science reader called "Animals Do the Strangest Things."  We were inconsistent with weekly Charlotte Mason reading lessons, but did follow the format and methodology in phonics and sight word instruction.
  • Eva Mae is narrating!  The growth of this little girl has been amazing!  One story that comes to mind is in the middle of the year when I noticed while I read she would put her head down and silently move her lips.  When I paused for a narration she would pipe up immediately and say what she remembered and I realized she was listening for something to memorize and repeat instead of really taking in the whole passage.  We talked about expectations and her countenance brightened when I said "just listen and create pictures in your imagination while I'm reading so you can tell me back the pictures!"  It was like I opened up a whole new world of narration!
  • Christian is a book worm!!!  He has totally jumped in with both feet into reading books for pleasure and has - on his own - finished the first book of Harry Potter, the first book of the Traveler's League, and around 5-6 books of the Little Prince Graphic Novel series! (Sidenote - if your kids haven't read any of the books from the Traveler's League you need to check it out now!!!  I happen to know the author is amazing! *wink wink*  Here's the link!) He'll get so engrossed in something that he is reading that he will walk and read at the same time and ask me to guide him while he's walking! My mom got a huge kick out of that one time and told him that she used to do the same thing for me!
  • Christian LOVES science! He has been self motivated in creating his own experiments through watching Action Lab and Science Max on YouTube.  I love how passionate he is for engineering and creating.  His time with LEGOs (both traditional and robotic programs) and working with his subscription box for Action Lab has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool!
  • THEY BOTH DECIDED TO BE BAPTIZED!  I think this highlight is the most special to me.  I am so proud and humbled to see their growth in their relationship with the Lord.  I also feel the burden to make sure this is top priority in our school year.  
It is probable that parents as a class feel more than ever before the responsibility of their prophetic office. It is as revealers of God to their children that parents touch their highest limitations; perhaps it is only as they succeed in this part of their work that they fulfil the Divine intention in giving them children to bring up––in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (CM vol 2 p 41)
  •  I also want to highlight my own growth.  Our monthly book study this year was by far the greatest "professional development" I could have received!  Coupled with the Wild + Free conference and the Teach Them Diligently conference, I feel equipped to continue this journey for our family.  Just this week I was reminded of the heritage and fulfilled promise that has been passed down into my generation through the obedience of my parents to homeschool me and my brothers.

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I'm thankful for the many field trips we took this year and extra curricular activities that filled our home with riches and delight!  I love the following pictures of our last day of school because they include the favorite art print from each term!  We loved visiting the Frist throughout the year and learning how to appreciate and admire good works of art!  My kids are so observant and I had one of those "winning" moments when they caught sight of a Vermeer painting in a cartoon and recognized it!  I love watching connections happen!

I could probably go on and on but I feel that this adequately sums up our school year and if you have questions about anything, feel free to reach out!  I love updating throughout the year on Instagram and blog posts.  It is a joy to share my passion with others and I thank you for taking the time to read!!!

I'll leave you with my favorite pictures of our "last day" photoshoot!  And I'll be blogging soon with the planning links for Year 4 and Year 2!


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