Cave and Canyon Nature Study


In a previous post I listed my love for the Child's World Volumes and it seems every reading we find another treasure among the stories!  (Click here to read!)  Today, our reading for science on the Earth's surface (fulfilling the subject of physical geography) was about how canyons, gorges, and caves are formed!  We live near an area of a local cave that is family friendly for hiking and I hope that this story can be a fun and easy read to get kids excited about noticing the cave formations and develop their child passions for exploring and learning more about nature!

Here are the screen shots of the chapter!  If you have trouble reading let me know and I will work on transcribing for easy text reading!

***Disclaimer - although the series does reference "millions of years" many times, if you subscribe to a young earth position in science you can easily substitute when reading aloud to your kids!***



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