Nashville Symphony YPC February 2019

We are looking forward to another wonderful concert this month!!!  The theme of this performance will be the instrument families and there are some wonderful activities in the curriculum packet!  Click here to access the packet from the Nashville Symphony!

The selections of the performance and teaching tips are included in the packet.  I love to give my own spin on some of the songs with my kids!  We'll be making the instruments as instructed in the activity guide and also using some other active listening techniques while we familiarize ourselves with the music. My kids are excited that they already are very familiar with Verdi's Triumphal March!  We studied Verdi in Term 1 this year!

Antonín Dvorák | Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, No. 7

This is a fun song showcasing all the instruments of the orchestra!  Watching the video above allows students to see each family within the orchestra.  Point out the strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion!

Giuseppe Verdi | “Triumphal March” from Aida

The brass family is the focus of this piece!  I love having the kids close their eyes and imagine something happening during the music and then letting them tell me what they could picture in their mind's eye.  More information about Verdi and this song can be found at Classics for Kids!

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | “Dance of the Reed Pipes” from Nutcracker

The woodwind family is the focus of this piece.  Kids can follow a listening map like this one to listen for the sounds of the woodwind instruments!

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky | Sleeping Beauty Waltz

This piece is a great selection to teach form in music.  There are three main sections - A/B/C and each section can have a designated movement!  An extensive guide to the music and ballet can be found here.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Overture to The Abduction from the Seraglio

This piece will highlight the strings and percussion families!  A great activity to do with kids is create movement to use whenever the string section is predominate.  And use a contrasting movement for the percussion!  Be ready to interact with the conductor during this song in the performance!!!

J.David Beasley | Concerto for Zipalobob

I'm really not quite sure what this is!!! I found this on the internet that this program includes a premiere of the song so we'll see and be surprised! I also found this link 

Johann Strauss Sr. | Radetzky March

This will be a fun and big finale where all the kids will enjoy keeping a steady beat!!! At home, get on your feet and march around! I hope to see you at the symphony!


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