Volume 1 study - pages 37-72

These must be my favorite pages so far in Volume 1!  I love all the directions to mothers about spending time outside!  I know I fall far from perfection in our busy lives but I do cherish the moments when we can be out in nature together and love watching my kids observe and narrate what they see!  It's such a special time!

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Read "A Thinking Love" chapter 16

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(if your children are older, I enjoyed this post! http://www.charlottemasonhelp.com/2011/08/the-second-stage-of-nature-journaling.html)

Here are some discussion questions to think about while you read:

Pages 37-41
What should be the method of all education?
Why are common sense and good intentions not sufficient?
Discuss your thoughts on the section of morality and religion.

Pages 42-56
Why is out-of-door life important?
If you live in a city, what ways can you encourage nature outings?
How can you encourage observation with your children?
What is picture-painting?
What are ways you help facilitate knowledge of trees and plants? Have you used a "calendar of firsts" in your nature journaling?

Pages 56-65
What are some ways you can encourage observations of living creatures?  What if you live in a city?
Why is nature knowledge the most important knowledge for young children?
How are science books for young children different from the suggestions in nature outings in this chapter?  Can you still teach classification?
Why should mothers have knowledge of nature? If you did not grow up learning about nature what are some ways you learn now?
Pages 65-72
Do you have any first hand experiences watching your children learn from their senses as babies/toddlers/young children?
Many teachers are taught to discover the "learning style" of their students (auditory/visual/verbal/kinesthetic.)  In this section, how do you think Charlotte Mason would react to this philosophy?  What is the importance of "words" at this stage?
What things are worth observing?


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