Year 1 Maps

 We have done a little bit of Our Island Story already this year, but we are starting Ambleside Year 1 in full force soon and I *think* I have my maps set up!

To start of with History, there are 3 maps of Britain that I'm printing.

For Geography, we will be spending time working on N,S,E,W which Christian already has a pretty good concept because he loves hiking with his compass!  We did an orienteering activity last year too and I think we may do a few more this year!  The other main focus in geography is the Great Lakes while reading Paddle to the Sea.  I made my own coloring page by tracing the outline of the area.
 I'll probably print off a few of these through the year and maybe eventually he can even "blob" a map of the area!  I'm also printing this map of the lakes, states and capitols, and the world

There is a map for 50 Famous Stories and Viking Tales.

 If you want a PDF of these maps for printing CLICK HERE!

Also, I spent time creating a better Paddle Map in my graphic program that you can download here!


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