Cassatt Artist Study

Screen Captures19 I'm new to the Charlotte Mason method of picture study and I have been thrilled with the results of the past several weeks!  We have been trying out the suggestions found online and in the volumes on how to question your child and lead narration for the study of art! It's been so enjoyable to our family! Doing it together at the dinner table has been a great way to make conversation as we discuss the painting of the week! For more reading on Charlotte Mason Picture study, see these links: If you're wondering what to study, we follow the Ambleside Online rotation found here! I made a quick "cheat sheet" to use alongside with this term's artist.  The download .pdf is for teacher purposes only.  When you give your child the artwork to study it should be large (print in color on cardstock, an actual print purchased, or from a large coffee table type book of the artist.) Click here for the PDF file!


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